What is Meducation?

Established in 2008, Meducation has become the leading educational platform for medics around the world. We organise the medical web - finding, categorising and organising thousands of resources from all over the internet. Over 168,000 medics use us to help them in their lifelong learning.

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Our Journey


November 2008

School friends Alastair and Jeremy take the plunge and register meducation.net. The journey begins...

November 08
December 12


December 2012

Everything's growing nicely but we need funding to scale, so we go off in search of funds.


We secure $1m of funding from private investors and a UK-Government grant, in order to build a team and scale.

September 2013
September 13
October 13

Hire Our Team

October 2014

We hire a team of experts with a focus on data and library science, content creation, and community building.

Product Launch

May 2015

After a vast amount of learning and testing we launch the new version of Meducation, fulfilling the UK Government grant.

May 15
July 15

70,000 members.

July 2015

We see a hugely positive response to the new launch and massive user growth.

A note from the Co-founder

When I started Meducation with Alastair back in 2008, the digital world was a very different place. YouTube had only launched in the UK the previous year, Facebook had 5% of it's current user base, and good content was still hard to find online. In the last 7 years, it would not be an understatement to say we have witnessed a digital content revolution. Incredibly high-quality educational material is now ubiquitous and the problem domain that students encounter has shifted from an unavailability of good content, to such a volume of content that it's now extremely difficult to find the needle you need in the haystack.

Meducation's focus has shifted over the years in response to this. Initially a place for medics to upload their content, it has now evolved into a curation and collation platform, where we make sure the right content gets to the right person. We are experts in data science, artificial intelligence and library science, and we use these skills to scour the internet, finding, understanding, categorising and organising the medical web so that students and professionals can quickly and easily find the resources they need to take the next steps in their learning journeys.

We are passionate about creating order out of chaos, finding innovative solutions to complex problems, and helping others. The Internet is still young and evolving at a furious rate - our job is to provide a place where medics can quickly and efficiently make the most of the huge amount of effort that is going into understanding and explaining medicine. With over 168,000 members using our services, we know we're doing something right!

Jeremy Walker
Co-Founder Meducation

Who's Talking About Us?

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What our members say

Just a few of the lovely messages we get each day

Our Favourites

Canadian Doctor I just wanted to let you know that I have qualified as a doctor. I personally must say that the the site played an enormous role in me completing my studies. I will continue using it in the future.

UK Doctor This is a marvellous site. I wish this existed when I was in medical school. My son who wants to do medicine will find this very useful.

Medical Student This is the most amazing site… I’m just so happy to have seen this on the net. Thank you very much Meducation.

GP Educator You do amazing work. I look forward to accessing lots more of your material and enhancing my teaching and students learning. Have recommended Meducation to students here and lots if others including my husband, also a GP educator and my daughter, a first year med. student in Trinity, Dublin. I would recommend it to my son except he is doing engineering so that would be taking my enthusiasm too far!!

Medical Student I lurrrrve Meducation! :)

South African Medical Student You guys are seriously the best!!! I'm amazed with the amount of such great materials. Thank you so much for everything. It'll be of a tremedous help for my next exam. Thank you so much in advance. Have a blessed Easter.

April 2016

Egyption Medical Student I've been browsing my Meducation app since installing it, and so far i really really love it, i think it will help me a lot while studying and hopefully will make studying a more interactive and interesting process.

US Resident I stumbled upon your site after searching for a mnemonic for foramina in the skull. I must say the mind blowing had already started! Im a radiology resident, and im studying for the basic sciences- anatomy and physics for medical imaging. That mnemonic reduced the file size in my brain from several hundreds of megabytes to a few kilobytes. Im very grateful, looking forward to more of this amazing stuff, and contribute mine too!

Kenyan Medical Student I used the app and I really found it very intresting... rather than carrying those heavy books its just easy to seek information from this app.. very helpful

UK Medical Student Meducation helped me a lot with my exams in January :)

March 2016

Indian Medical Student: I really enjoy Meducation. Thanks a million and God bless you all!

Malaysian Medical Student: I would like to say to you and your team THANK YOU SO MUCH.

UK Medical Student: Thanks for all the good work. This app is already helping me be better in performing my roles of instructing, mentoring, coaching and facilitating my preceptee studies.

UK Medical Student: I'm an FNP and I teach as well. I have recommended all my students to use Meducation!

Rwandan Doctor: I have known this website a few days ago from a friend and it really very resourceful. Its hard to belief its actually free! I am a anesthesiologist by profession and work in a general intensive care unit. I live in Rwanda - a third world country in East Africa.

UK Doctor: I'll be sure to put the resources into best use. Thanks so much and keep up the good work you've been doing. Really grateful.

South African Medical Student I stumbled on this site in my endeavors to make medicine a little less challenging and having looked through it for just a few minutes,has already proven to be so useful.I look forward to making use of the resources that are available to me on the website.

February 2016

Bolivia Medical Intern Thank you so much for making it so easy to share and learn about medicine. I am currently in my intern year in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Planning on doing a Neurosurgery Residency in the US next year. Once again, thank you all.

Filipino Medical Student I am due for board exams by September. I am confident that your videos will help with recall since I am a visual learner.

Puerto Rican Medical Student Thank you for sharing this valuable educational materials.

UK Medical Student I love Meducation. Keep it up with the good work!

Korean Medical Student Hello, this is one of the best emails that I received this year! I'm verry thankful because there are lots of kind people that are looking for making us having fun towards those years of studying.

Hungarian Medical Student Thank you very much! I'm currently a student, loving everything I learn!

January 2016

Slovakian Medical Student Hello! I am in second year of Medicine and I am Happy to have found one tool help me in my studies!

UK Medical Student It's a pleasure learning things from Meducation. I love the mobile app too. Thank you!

German Medical Student I'm a new member of Meducation and I'm really happy that people like me, medical students, are able to join a very important community like that. I'm about to start my first year of Medicine in the Federal University of Bahia, in Brazil, and I'm really excited about what I'll learn with the Meducation members. I hope that everyone support this project so we'll be able to make our medical centers better and better. Thanks for having me. Let's improve our knowledge!

Costa Rican Medical Student I'm so happy i joined Meducation!

South African Medical Student I am a 3rd year medical student studying at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. I saw your website and as I am currently busy with a pulmonology block I figured any and all help would be great! I watched some of the content and it is indeed mindblowing! Thank you for the warm welcome and excellent platform made available to medical students. We need all the help we can get!

UK Medical Student I'm a 3rd year medical student. I've been searching for an app like Meducation and I'm glad that I finally found it.

Mexican Medical Student I’m very pleased to be part of this community. It seems to be really helpful for medical students and I think the more we participate, the richer can be the knowledge we can share.

December 2015

Panaman Medical Student Meducation is extremely helpful and it's easy to access. As a first year medical student, I'm looking for different resources to increase my understanding. I'm very glad that I joined Meducation, and I'm honored to be part of this community.

Italian Medical Student I discovered Meducation recently, on the google app store but I was immediately impressed. An app like that is an inexhaustible mine of resources for students and health professionals.

US Medical Student I just saw a commercial on an internet site about Meducation and wanted to check it out. I watched a couple videos and they were great. Thank you!

Indian Medical Student I'm glad to have an wonderful app as Meducation

Egyption Medical Student I'm a first year medical student in faculty of medicine port said university, Egypt, and l'm so excited to be a member on this great website.

Argentinian Medical Student I'm a second year medical student. I was born in Brazil and moved to Argentina to study medicine. I met Meducation last week by an announcement on instagram. I have had the opportunity to read some articles, and are really great and very helpful.

Consultant Psychiatrist Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I have come across this site by accident but I am really very glad I did . I have browsed on some topics and found them very helpful and useful. I am a consultant psychiatrist, I work both in the clinical and academic fields. I have really enjoyed this site and looking forward to get more knowledge from it. Thank you again.

November 2015

Slovakian Medical Student The content I found on Meducation is really very helpful for me I am glad to be the part of Meducation.

Indian Medical Student Thank you so much for all you guys are doing for giving us the best way for studying, making it easier and understandable. As soon as possible, I will be enjoying all the new features that you prepared for us. Again, thank you so much.

UK Medical Student I love Meducation and I think it'll help me a lot for my lifelong learning journey.

Medical Professor Thanks to much for the information.. I'm professor in a medical school. I’m trying to get new ways of teaching to my students.

UK Medical Student I'm taking my final year exams this year. The website is very helpful. Thanks a lot.

UK Medical Student You guys are doing a great job. Am honoured to be a follower of your work. Keep it up.

Medical Professor I’m so grateful. I love Meducation.

Indian Medical Student I am writing this email, to say that I am really grateful and thankful for all the hard work you put into this amazing site. Hoping that it would continue to be the best site.

October 2015

Egyptian Medical Student I feel happy to finally sign up for Meducation as it contains great pieces of resources and it is very helpful to upgrade my knowledge.

Medical Student I am new to Meducation and I think it’s very interesting & good tool of learning.

Medical Student The reason I am here is to become a good doctor who serves the entire humanity regardless of race, nationality etc. and to provide patients with quality care that is only possible if i have good concepts and updated info.

Adult Nurse Student I'm a second year adult nurse student. Your website was suggested to us by our biology tutor so thought I'd give it a whirl!!!! So far it's looking great!

Medical School Course Director I am always interested in new innovative teaching methods. I am passionate about Meducation. Please let me know If I can be of any help for your site.

Saudi Arabian Medical Student I feel enthusiastic about Meducation and I look forward to use and utilize the app to help me through Medical school.

Pharmacy Student Meducation is one of the most useful websites I have ever seen.

Medical Student Thank you and I hope to benefit from all the effort you exert in this marvelous app.

UK Premed Student I have been blown away by the amount and quality of content in Meducation. Thanks for making this awesome website!

September 2015

Medical Student I joyfully congratulated the organisation of meducation and I say may the good God bless this organisation, this application had gone a long way in helping me in my medical programme, and say once again may the lord bless the developers of this software. My special thanks to Nicole Chalmers for keeping me updated with the lasted information about meducation I'm grateful thanks a million times.

Medical Student This Meducation is really helping me in my studies. Thank you very much :)

Slovenijan Medical Student I am a emergency medicine resident in my first year of residency, so i still have a long way in front of me. I am from Slovenija and I just recently find out about Medication ( about a couple of hours ago ☺). But I must say that I allready like it :) One can see that you spent hudge amount of effort in building this nice web place where we can all improve our skills and knowledge. And I thank you for that :)

Mexican Medical Student Hey there. I love your app, it's very good, I'm in the first year of neonatology subspecialty in Leon Guanajuato and its application has helped me a lot.

Egyption Medical Student Well I am a first year medical student at ain shams university in egypt and like other students in this stage iam always looking to widen my knowledge by new ways because this gives you an advantage rather than looking for information the ordinary way and so far I've found meducation very interesting in this so I hope it will help me in the years to come.

Medical Student Hello Nicole I want just thank you for your work you do a great work and I am proud of you thank you and have a good day.

Turkish Medical Student I use internet as a source for my studies and Meducation is exactly what i was looking for. Thank you for that :)

UK Medical Student Meducation is already proving extremely helpful, I've already printed out the cranial nerves table as a refresher for my upcoming anatomy practical! I found meducation through facebook as my friends had also liked it! It's also really lovely how you add the personal touch to the end of your first email you send out and take an interest in your users and their stories. I look forward to using meducation throughout the rest of long medical career!

August 2015

Doctor I hope to be professionally benefitted by Meducation for teaching my residents & of course to enlighten myself.

US Premed Student I'm a freshmen in college at the moment, but medicine has always been my passion. I aspire to become an Invasive Cardiovascular Surgeon one day! I'm currently enrolled in a 7 Year (3 years Biology 4 years Medical school) program. Meducation seems like a great way to help me learn more in medicine as I advance with education. Thank you!