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Meet The Team

Our core team work full time on Meducation. They are experts in software development, data science and product development. Together they spend their time understanding medics' problems and carving Meducation into a product that helps make medicine better for everyone.

Al buick

Dr Alastair Buick
Co-founder and CEO

Alastair co-founded Meducation. He was CEO from 2008 till 2014, and now acts as part-time CEO while working as a doctor in Exeter. Alastair is passionate about medical education, innovation, and the NHS.

Board of Directors

Our directors help steer and guide Meducation at a business level.

Al buick

Dr Alastair Buick

Alastair co-founded Meducation. He was CEO from 2008 till 2014. He now works full-time as a doctor at the Royal Deven and Exeter Hospital and serves as the medical director of Meducation, guiding the team on all things medical.

Raymond buick

Mr Raymond Buick

Raymond has been a director of Meducation since 2008 and supported it finanically before it's Seed Funding round. He is also a key part of the medical side of Meducation, writing a large amount of the initial content on the site.

Arif ahmed

Arif Ahmed

Arif is an investor in Meducation and has served as a director since 2013. He himself is an entrepreur and was the co-founder of the company behind Ikonami - the medical appraisal software - used by 60 NHS Trusts.

Keith ashworth

Keith Ashworth

Keith is an investor in Meducation and has served as a director since 2014. He recently retired from a 38 year career in insurance broking where his final role at was Head of Risk Transfer at Aon - the world's largest insurance broker.

Previous Team Members

Our alumni team members have helped Meducation grow and become what it is today.

Jeremy walker

Jeremy Walker

Jeremy co-founded Meducation, serving as first CTO then CEO until August 2016. He is a software developer specialising in Artificial Intelligence.

Charles care

Charles Care

Charles is a computer science PhD who worked as a developer and head of operations from 2013-2016.

Nicole chalmers

Nicole Chalmers

Nicole was first our Community Manager then Head of Product, acting as the voice of Meducation from 2013-2016.

Rob styles

Rob Styles

Rob was a data scientist at Meducation from 2013-16, during which time he built our content classification and recommendations algorthms.

Malcolm landon

Malcolm Landon

Malcolm was a backend engineer at Meducation from 2013-2014. He was a core part of the team that built our pub/sub infrastructure.

Taiyab raja

Taiyab Raja

Taiyab was our designer from 2013-2014, and was instrumental in creating the modern polished look that Meducation users love and trust.

Ben paddock

Ben Paddock

Ben was a front-end engineer at Meducation from 2013-2014. He helped developed the processes and architecture that makes Meducation so enjoyable to use.

Rhys clement

Rhys Clement

Rhys was a key part of the Meducation team from 2010-2011 - helping develop Meducation's content.

Medical Moderators

Our moderators are fantastic human beings. They make Meducation the best it can be by organising the content on the site, starting and contributing to discussions and generally keeping everything running smoothly. They are at the core of Meducation's success.

Jamie dunn

Jamie Dunn

Stefan buttigieg

Stefan Buttigieg

Junior Doctor
Lucas brammar

Lucas Brammar

Mazin eragat

Mazin Eragat

Rafi ahmed

Rafi Ahmed

Nicholas shannon

Nicholas Shannon


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Founding Members

Our founding memers have been with us since the beginning, using Meducation in their studies and careers. They've all supported us both financially and with the feedback, time and effort. We are extremely grateful for their support.

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